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Immidiate save in task edit pop-up causes data loss and slows the environment.

A few month ago there were a future request "289831: Don't destroy unsaved data when escape key is hit".
The user were asking for a ok-cancel dialog window on closing of edit task pop-up if ESC button is pressed.

This request was closed by implementing Immidiate saving behavior.
It solves the problem of loosing changes by hitting ESC, but now it causes loosing of changes in other circumstances:
When I change task details by mistake I can not take the changes back.
In past I just pressed the ESC to do that.

Also in task list window, when I press Ctrl+Ins to add a subtask while a wrong parent task is selected a New task window is opening. Event if I press ESC to cancel new subtask creating operation the new unnamed task is added to wrong place.
Then I go and delete it manually.

Can you remove the immidiate save future. When edit task window is opened if Enter or CTRL+Enter is pressed then Save And Close. If ESC is pressed then ask save changes or exit without saving.

After immidiate save future came the performans of edit window also went down.
Thank you.

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Hi Nari,

If you make a mistake you can simply use Ctrl-Z (Undo) to undo your changes. The immediate editing is not going to be removed because we need it for future changes. Of course, we will keep an eye on performance. It would help us if you could send us a task file (possibly anonymized with Help→Anonymize) and tell us what actions exactly are slow for you. Please use the bug tracker for that.

Thanks, Frank


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