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    Chux Uzoeto commented  · 

    First of all, thanks for a simple but great tool .. and for offering it under an opensource license ..

    I just started using taskcoach, after so much searching .. Extensive research and trials of cloud based solutions ended in my choosing toodledo for personal organization and task management, and I actually paid for the PRO account .. With toodledo, it did not take me long to realize that some things are just not suited to the cloud and web browser tab panes

    So, I went back hunting again, and looked at chandler which I used in the past, tracks, and whole lot others .. before finally settling on taskcoach. Now the challenge for me is on how to use taskcoach from my various desktops (linux, windows, mac, and android) .. often simultenously

    A simple shared folder usage (via dropbox or such service) would even suffice as long as that would allow for simultaneous access/modifications from the various access points .. But I suspect taskcoach would not guarantee safe simultaneous access .. or does taskcoach manage this well? Well, even it does, lack of android support would still be an issue ..

    The next best alternative would be via toodledo, and that is why I am voting for this request .. Well, given that the original request was made about 2-years or more ago, it does seem like this toodledo integration thing is not likely to happen (at least not in the short to medium-term) .. I am safe in making this assumption?

    Would really appreciate your responses .. Thanks

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