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    bjhend commented  · 

    Thanks, I overlooked that feature. It's really helpful.

    bjhend commented  · 

    Beside limiting to a date/time range I'd appreciate additional limiting to a single task or a subtree of tasks to keep an overview if you have many tasks. Such that it would be easy to find out how much time I spend on a certain hierarchy of tasks since the last team meeting, for example.

    bjhend commented  · 

    My use case for this: I got a weekly meeting with my supervisor where he wants to know how much time I spend for which task since last meeting. The meetings often got shifted for some hours or a day.

    So, it would be nice to generate an effort report between two arbitrary timestamps. And it would be really nice if Taskcoach finds out the timestamps by parsing an iCal file, but that's probably beyond a realistic wish.

    bjhend supported this idea  · 

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