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Share/Assign task & task status via IM or P2P

A user (boss) creates a task, and assigns it to another user (worker), it could travel through an IM or P2P protocol. A task server/tracker/repository could handle the traffic routing
User (or boss) could set up a "Report status" action(or "report tasks automatically every [update|daily|weekly]"). When Master Task is changed, it is spread through all users involved. Collisions should be accepted manually.
Tasks could be local or remote, single user (using 1 subtask for each user in case there are many users).

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  • N Agarwala commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think an easy implementation method would be :
    if tasks are grouped in folders with category names.

    If we share using dropbox using multiple folders
    and each folder is a category shared with some users

    i am the boss and i have 3 employees A, B, C
    i prepare a category called userA => it will store task in folder 'userA' => shared with employee A
    another category 'userAB' => it will store in folder 'userAB' => shared with employee A and B

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